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Heat Loss Test Procedurethermometer

Supplies Needed for Test

2 - cups or bowls (preferred)

1 - sample of Heatsavr

2 - digital thermometers

Digital thermometers are necessary as they ensure accurate readings which a mercury thermometer cannot supply. Most pet stores or specialty kitchen stores will sell digital thermometers such as these:


1) Clean the bows thoroughly.
2) Fill both bowls with hot tap water. Let the tap run until the temperature of
the water is consistent; between 110 and 120 degrees F is preferred.
3) Put a digital thermometer in each bowl and ensure that the starting
termperatures are the same; record these starting temperatures.
4) Add 4-5 drops of Heatsavr into one of the test bowls. Be sure not to
cross contaminate the “control” bowl, which is the one without any Heatsavr.
Even dipping a finger back and forth between bowls will carry enough
Heatsavr to ruin the test.
5) Record the temperatures from the two bowls while they cool down to the
room temperature; every 5-10 minutes is best.


In the test that I conducted the bowl with Heatsavr ended up being
2-4 degrees warmer a after 90 minute cooling period. This proves
that using Heatsavr will minimize heat loss in a body of water

Heat Loss Test Procedure, available as a printable/downloadable file (1.2 MB). Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.



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